#45 Twisted Poly Batting Cage Nets

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Product Overview

An all-time best seller! The #45 Batting Cage Net is a heavier net that is unique to Cimarron Sports. This heavy-duty batting tunnel is recommended to the ball players and teams who work on their craft daily. The #45 is the heaviest net in the industry that does not require truck-line freight delivery!

Key Features
  • 2.7 mm Twine
  • Manufactured with our premium polymer blend for all-weather durability. 
    • UV treatment protects the net from harmful sun rays, ensuring prolonged use without degradation.
    • Water proof and abrasion resistance, the net will not shrink over time. 
  • Constructed of twisted and knotted twine for maximum strength and long-lasting performance.
  • Accessing the batting cage is hassle-free, featuring a 4' wide overlapping entry door (length side).
  • The #45 Batting Cage Net features a reinforcing full rope border, allowing the net to be tied and squared off.
    • Three top ropes running the length add support and minimize sag.
  • Batting cage net only - frame sold separately.
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