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You would be hard-pressed to find a top hitter in professional baseball or softball that hasn't spent a substantial amount of time perfecting their swing in the confines of a batting cage. The use of batting cage provides extended periods of hitting without the lapse of time required to collect scattered balls across an open field. This time can easily be repurposed into actually hitting balls to improve hand-eye coordination, connecting with pitched balls and perfecting your swing to have the most impact in game-time scenarios.

An indoor batting cage is often considered a luxury because batting practice can be achieved without worrying about exposure to the elements ruining your batting cage over time or decreased practice times due to weather that is out of your control. For this reason, many have started looking into the easiest and most affordable way to construct a batting cage indoors to provide year-round support for developing baseball and softball athletes. With the Cimarron Cable Kit, you will have everything needed to construct the perfect indoor batting cage frame to hang your net with included carabiners

At Cimarron Sport, we understand the importance of being able to tailor your batting cage to your exact needs without relying on pre-planned frames. To help achieve this, we proudly offer the Cimarron Cable Kit in 2 different sizes to provide a dedicated and long lasting cable support system to easily attach your Cimarron Batting Cage Net. The Cimarron Cable Kit comes in either 55' or 70' lengths to easily attach to a wide variety of indoor settings or be used as an indoor suspension system for optimal placement and functionality of your batting cage for extended use.

  • 3 Cut-to-Length 1/8" Cables
  • 42 Carabiners
  • 6 small Turnbuckles or 3 Heavy Duty turnbuckles
  • 6 Small U-Bolts

The Cimarron Cable Kit is a perfect start for anyone interested in constructing a build-it-yourself batting cage. With this system, you can use our cable kits to suspend your Cimarron Batting Cage Net from your own custom frame or create an indoor net suspension system that spans from wall-to-wall. For your convenience, carabiners are provided to attach your chosen batting cage net to the cables.

One year manufacturer defect warranty. Check our Warranty page for more information!
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