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If you have created a custom golf net cage you likely are looking for ways to enhance it or protect it from potential damages that can occur with extended use. While most materials used in the construction of golf practice nets are extremely durable, over time they can begin to degrade from use. To avoid damages, baffles are often used to provide an added layer of support and shield the external cage netting from impacts that arise from hit golf balls.

As part of our commitment to provide extended support to the products sold by Cimarron Sports, we proudly offer Cimarron 12x1 Poly Archery Netting for the construction of a custom golf net cage baffle. We are confident that that added protection provided by this high-quality archery netting will provide the impact absorption needed to protect your golf net cage for years to come. Don't leave your existing netting unprotected, give it the support it needs with a baffle created from Cimarron 12x1 Poly Archery Netting.

Cimarron 12x1 Poly Archery Netting is a heavy-duty, 12-foot-wide archery netting that can be used as a baffle for your golf net cage. Archery netting extends the life of your golf net by adding a thick layer of protection that absorbs more of the golf ball impact. This can help ensure that your golf net cage has the support needed to continue providing extended practice support during driving practice while limiting the impact exposure to the external netting.

  • 12'x1' poly archery netting
  • Extend the life of your golf net cage
  • Absorbs heavy impact from hit balls
  • Can be used to construct a baffle

Cimarron 12x1 Poly Archery Netting is the perfect material to construct a baffle and protect your golf net cage from high impacts. All of the sports equipment sold by Cimarron is built to remain durable and last as long as needed to assist in your growth as an athlete. All of our golf nets are manufactured to the highest standards to provide superior development of needed skills for athletes.


One year manufacturer defect warranty. Check our Warranty page for more information! Please note custom products are not eligible for return or exchange.
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