2 ¼" Complete Deluxe Commercial Frames

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The Cimarron 2¼” complete deluxe commercial frame is our best selling frame for a reason — it is a time-tested, state-of-the-art, high-quality structure that helps make ball players better. Period. Whether you operate a major sports complex or are training a future big leaguer in your backyard, your facility isn’t complete without it. The Cimarron deluxe commercial frame is engineered to withstand wind, rain, and whatever the weather throws at it. While most steel poles come from China and are 18-gauge or much weaker, our elbows and ground sleeves are made in America from 14-gauge, 2¼” steel. It’s hard to beat and easy to assemble, with everything you need to add your net and build your cage. Our Cimarron 2¼” complete deluxe commercial frames comes in 70’ or 55’ lengths and is 15.5’ wide and should be paired with a #36 or #42 net to complete your training experience.Take your training to the next level with the top-selling product trusted nationwide: the Cimarron 2¼” complete deluxe commercial frame.


  • Three strong cables run the length of the frame to provide incredible support to the batting cage
  • Ground sleeves are concreted into the ground for strength, with arch supports at each end for rigidity
  • Elbows and ground sleeves are made in America from 14-gauge, 2¼” steel
  • For peace of mind every time, the batting cage hangs inside the frame, preventing balls from hitting a frame pole and bouncing back
One year manufacturer defect warranty. Check our Warranty page for more information!
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