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NEW! Elite eHack Attack Softball Pitching Machine


  • Oversized 12" touch screen monitor allows for quick navigation through our extremely user-friendly software.
  • Pitches can be accessed via standard default pitch selection, favorite pitches, favorite sequences or create your own using the manual mode.

Standard (pre-set/default) Pitches

  • For quick, simple operation, there are seven standard piitches instantly accessible (fastball, change-up, heater, riser, drop and screwball right & left).
  • Customize the speed and spin of any standard pitch to meet the requirement of any drill or the skill of any hitter.
  • Modify the location of any standard pitch in the strike zone or enlarged strike zone (two strike count).
  • Rely on pre-set pitches or go immediately to manual mode where you select any pitch, speed and location, which can repeat or change as desired.

Manual Mode

  • In the manual mode the machine functions as a basic Hack Attack prov iding you access to each motor and allowing you to develop each desired pitch.
  • Individual pitches or sequences can be saved to favorites for instant access at any time.
  • Between pitches the location can be adjusted instantly using arrows on the screen.

Favorite Pitches

  • Once you have fine-tuned a pitch you would like to access later, you can save it to your favorites from either the manual mode or standard pitches screens.
  • You can save up 20 pitches to your favorites file, providing you with a full range of pitches that you can immediately access in any order at any time.
  • From the favorites screen you can also alter the spin, speed and location of that pitch and resave it as a favorite.
  • Also on the favorites screen there is a 'last pitch' option that will call up the last pitch you were throwing before the machine was powered down so you can instantly continue where you left off.

Favorite Sequences

  • A sequence of pitches (up to 10 per sequence) can be quickly saved and accessed on your favorite sequences screen so you can challenge the mechanics of any hitter or replicate a specific pitcher.
  • There are four different run types for every sequence; 'auto' will select the pitches in the order yo usaved them once, 'repeat' will continuously pitch the sequence in order, 'random' will randomize the list, 'manual' selection allows you to change the order as desired.
  • Once inside a sequence and you find that one pitch is not what you desire, you can modify the speed, spin and location of that pitch to fit your requirements and resave that individual pitch within the sequence.

Utilities and Settings

  • Within settings you can select the skill level for standard pitches, either adult or youth.
  • Simple adjustments of changing speed from MPH to KMH, language select, auto shut-down time, as well as a buzzer volume and screen brightness adjustments are also made here.
  • A screen lock-out option is available in settings that will allow you to establish a password in order to access the machine operations.
  • Machine diagnostics and error code definition is located in utilities.
  • Any update to the software is made utilities and will be downloaded from the SA site.
  • In utilities, there will be a counter that tracks the number of pitches thrown by the machine during the life of the unit.

Elite eHack Machine Design

  • The Elite eHack Attack has a unique three-wheel design that allows you to see the ball clearly and fully all the way through the feeding motion, acceleration and reliease, just like a live pitcher.  With this design, the hitter sees when to stride and the angle of release, giving him an actual live-arm sense of timing and location.

Elite eHack Exceptional Quality

  • The Elite eHack Attack pitching machine is heavy enough to absorb recoil, ensuring accuracy,  yet portable and easily moved.
  • The extra wide tripod base insures real stability and safety on pitching mounds or typical baseball play surfaces.
  • High tensile, tough heat-treated alloy, weather-resistant aluminum casting throwing head, protects throwin  mechanism and operator.
  • Rugged powder-coated rust-proof steel frame insures limitless seasons of use.
Please refer to the Sports Attack warranty policy.
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